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Rustic Wood Coffee Tables

At unique rustic creations you can choose from a large selection of coffee tables built from a variety of woods. All of our tables are hand crafted with the highest standards of craftsmenship to give our customers a unique one of a kind product.

All of our material, either rustic or finished, is harvested from our local forest, prepared by hand, and kelm dried to ensure the highest of quality.

Several types of wood used include birch, maple, juniper, spruce, and pine. This material is transformed into many styles of tables, ranging from rustic to carved, and has outstanding detail.

I encourage you to browse through our selections to find the perfect piece to complete your space, or a piece worth building a space around. I also create custom pieces and look forward to hearing from you.

Rustic Tables

Table and Chair Set


Dinning Table

Table spruce top with carved susport Size: 6' by 4'

Two captian chairs, two regular chairs and four foot bench

Price: $7000



Rustic Coffee Table

Round spruce coffee table with hand carved images painted with natural dies.

Price: $800



Drum Table

Spruce table with solid top covered by moose hide to look like a drum. Hand carved legs with eagle claws and drum sticks stained with natural dies.

Price: $1200


Drum Table 2


Drum Table-2

Pine table with solid top covered with raw hide to look like a native hand drum. The legs are carved with drum sticks and eagle claws.

Price: $1200


End table 1

End Table-1

Spruce stained clear Size: 20" by 20", 32" high

Price: $600


End Tabe-2

Spruce legs with pine top and shelves, with twig sides. Stained with red clay and tung oil.

Price: $600.00

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